We offer a short 'Have a Go' course, so that anyone can do just that - have a go at making a spatula using green woodworking methods. Suitable for absolute novices and designed to be fun, satisfying and informative.

Price: £48 per person, including materials and use of a dedicated set of high quality tools.

When: any week day, either 10-12 or 2-4.

Who For: two-four people; ages 18+; novices.

To Book: You are free to book any day for a course if the date is available and you're coming along with someone. (For this course, two people is the minimum, four is the maximum.) You can make an individual booking on courses already in our diary that have free spaces. Our booking calendar shows current availability.


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Essential Information: sturdy footwear should be worn and although we can all comfortably work under shelter should it rain, it is worth bringing suitable clothing for the short walk across the meadow to the Woodland Workshop. Full directions are supplied on booking.

Have a go at spatula making:

Learn to make a kitchen spatula from freshly cut unseasoned wood using only hand tools and skills. To start the process we use a shaving horse and drawknife. After shaping the blank you work with a spokeshave and whittling knife to complete your spatula. The spatula will then be ready for years of use and happy memories of making your own kitchen spatula - scrambled eggs will never be the same again!

Spatula Making