An Introduction to Green Woodworking and the Pole Lathe

A one-day course is an excellent, relaxing opportunity to get away from it all and do something different for a day, in the peace and tranquillity of our Woodland Workshop.

During this course you are introduced to all aspects of a complete 'tree-to-product' process - from selecting and cleaving green wood ready for turning, to making a variety of small items for the kitchen and garden: spatulas, candlesticks, rolling pins, dibbers, string-lines and similar. You are shown how to use pole lathes and shaving horses, along with green woodworking hand tools such as the froe, drawknife and spokeshave.

Working on a pole lathe is always particularly popular. Everybody seems to respond positively to the combination of treadling and shaping with the turning tools. It's a gently rhythmical way of working that uses both sides of the brain as you have to look, listen, feel, design and smell all at the same time. The experts say it's been shown to have therapeutic effects but, science aside, at the very least it's just a really relaxing and enjoyable thing to do.

The course is suitable for all levels of experience, from complete and utter nervous novice to hardy seasoned woodworker.

At the end of the day, it's very satisfying to have made a variety of different things and if you don't need them all, they make great gifts too. (Mind you, most course participants say they find it hard to part with the fruits of their labours!)

The green wood we supply is locally and personally sourced from sustainable supplies and the finished items should give many decades of service and pleasure.

This one day course is spent learning the techniques, with us overseeing completion of your first kitchen or garden implement, and with a couple of hours having a go on a pole lathe. (Every guest has use of their own lathe, shaving horse and full set of very high quality tools.)

Price: £150 per person, including materials and use of a dedicated set of high quality tools.

When: any week day, 9.30-4.

Who For: open to be booked by individuals; these courses can have up to four people attending; ages 18+; novices and experienced woodworkers alike.


The calendar below shows the availability of all of our courses. Please select your desired date to make a reservation.

Essential Information: please bring your own packed lunch. Sturdy footwear should be worn and although we can all comfortably work under shelter should it rain, it is worth bringing suitable clothing for the short walk across the meadow to the Woodland Workshop. Full directions are supplied on booking.

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Green Woodworking