All our courses are project based and designed to be fun, relaxing and informative. They are run on weekdays (apart from one spoon-carving course in October) and are suitable for men and women, complete novices and experienced woodworkers or crafts-people alike, whether you are keen to discover more about a particular skill or simply want a relaxing break away from it all. The minimum age is 18.

Our approach to offering courses means we can fit in with our guests' schedules much more freely, and restrict group numbers so the teacher-pupil ratio is never more than 4:1.

The two hour 'Have a Go' course requires two participants to start a new course on a new date. All other longer courses can be started by just one participant starting a new course of their choice on a date that is convenient to them (so long as the day is not already booked for another course). Additional attendees can then join the existing courses up to a maximum of four participants per course.

Please do bear in mind that a course will go ahead regardless of whether there are one, two, three or four participants on the day of the course. The two hour 'Have a Go' course is the only exception, which needs a minimum of two people.

For all courses, guests can either bring a packed lunch or buy on-site a locally produced pie - which can be heated in the field kitchen.

Photo Gallery: The Woodland Workshop

The Woodland Workshop

The 'on demand' courses available are:

  • Two hour 'have a go' course; £48 per person.
  • One day Introduction to Green Woodworking; £150 per person per day.
  • One or two day Introduction to Spoon Carving; £150 per person per day.

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