Toasty Glamping With Electric Blankets!

Toasty glamping

The autumn - winter glamping season is now well underway and I don't think you can beat a crisp and clear day down here in the woods. And now, you don't have to be in any way a hardy soul to experience it!

While the Woodland Workshop and glamping facilities have always been designed to be warm and cosy for hibernating winter guests, we've now taken things one stage further and fitted all of the beds with dual control electric blankets, and installed heated towel rails too! You can be absolutely sure that you'll be comfortable, whatever the weather; secure in the knowledge that even when your log fire dies down in the early hours you'll still be tucked up and toasty under the covers.

Perhaps better still, your friends at home will be just as impressed with your outdoorsy stoicism, without a clue just how easy and comfortable your stay really was. We won't tell them if you don't.

Walkway in winter


As well equipped for bad weather as we might be, there are, however, rare occasions when we have to throw in the towel. Last month, for the first time ever, we had to evacuate the site on the Sunday night of the gales.

This wasn't a decision that we took lightly but we do take safety issues very seriously here. If it's not safe then we will never 'risk it'. We'll send everyone home and get out of the woods - and that's precisely what we did. It must be said that at the time it wasn't the most popular decision I've ever taken, but I think everyone concerned was very grateful once safely home and watching the devastation across the country on TV!

(Of course, if we do have to send everyone home early, we offer a full refund or credit for the nights lost.)

As it turns out, the gale passed over without any significant damage. The camp is intentionally located in a dip on the eastern side of the woods, well shielded from the prevailing westerly wind. In contrast, the western side of the woods saw many trees down, creating a domino effect along this boundary: something to remember whenever camping in a woodland, or when planning a luxury glamping and craft course business for that matter.

Painless, Popular Christmas Presents

For those super-organised people who like to get ahead of the game with Christmas presents, now is a great time to get our online gift vouchers. Vouchers can be purchased on our website:

Buy A Voucher 

and can be for any our courses or for a monetary value to be redeemed against Crafty Camping breaks. If you would like a personalised printed card certificate just email us when ordering and we'll drop one in the post.

(If you're not quite so organised, you can wait until midnight on Dec 24th to buy a voucher: they will still work there and then as an instant gift. Personalisation will be a problem though.)

Christmas, New Year And Group Bookings For 2014

If you fancy Christmas and/or New Year with a difference, groups wanting to book the whole site for either of those special four-day blocks still can (at the time of writing).

Book Online - Christmas 

Book Online - New Year 

Looking further ahead, if you are planning to take over the whole site with friends next year, do please book up soon as some weekends already have individual bookings, and by definition once there's an individual booking, we can't offer a whole site booking at the same time.

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Pairs Of Chairs

The last couple of months have seen lots of courses come and go. Adam has been sharing his skills in spoon carving and whittling, and we have been busy running our other courses in green woodworking, spatula making and shrink pots.

Come and make spoons

October also saw our last group chair making course - these have now been replaced by two-to-four participant chair making courses. The small group size offers a great chance to have very personal tuition, and this approach (as with our other courses) means people can choose any convenient block of time to suit them. We hope this flexibility will allow more people to come and make a chair at a time that suits; we know there's quite a few of you out there who'd love to make a chair, if only you could find a time ...

Come and make a chair

Crafty Dating Agency

The vast majority of course guests come as couples or small groups of up to four but occasionally there are enquiries from people wanting to do a course alone but who can't get the ball rolling as it takes two to start a new course date.

When this happens we usually suggest keeping an eye on our live availability calendar to see when other people start a new course date that they can then join - and that's fine insofar as it goes. However, to try and be more helpful, we've now started keeping a list of single people who want to find someone else who wants to do the same course. When we have two or more people expressing an interest in starting a new date for a particular course, we then put them in contact with each other so they can agree a mutually convenient date.

If you would like to be introduced in this way, just drop me an email ( with your preferred course or courses and I will add you to this list.

Win A Free Course Or Glamping Holiday

At last, our annual photographic competition is now fully operational on the website. In fact we've decided to run two - one for those who have been glamping and another for those who have been on a course. The prizes are vouchers to a value of £240 and £125 respectively.

guests' photos

I have uploaded a few that people have sent me over the last few months just to get things started, so if you have some great shots that you would like to enter, just upload up to five (per stay or per course) and cross your fingers! As usual, the judging criteria are intentionally vague and judging is entirely at my discretion... Good luck!

Guests' Glamping Photos 

Guests' Course Photos 

guests' photos

We're In The Top Ten

We are delighted to be able to say that we've been chosen as one of the '10 Best Places in Europe for Couples'. Wow!

It's always great to get public recognition for our work here in the woods and we are very grateful to be selected. Read more here:

Luxury Travel Blog 

A Superb House With Great Facilities Near By!

Fancy a life in Dorset, with great facilities very near? There's a six bedroom farm for sale just down the lane from the Woodland Workshop. It's in a stunning location - and has the benefit of being within a short walking distance of Crafty Camping - perfect for some luxury overflow space with a difference. (Having everyone to stay will be a breeze!)

A new life in Dorset?!

It's within easy reach of London from Axminster (to Waterloo) and it's just 10 miles to the sea at Lyme Regis. That can't be bad! The details are here:

Property Details 

And I think that's it for this newsletter. There's firewood to be split and kindling to be collected.

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