Hammocks Up!

Yes, it's that time of year again - buds are appearing on the trees and our happy glampers are emerging from their cosy yurts to enjoy a book or a snooze in some warm afternoon sun. All of the hammocks are now hung and getting used daily. It is always a real joy to be in the woods at this time of year. You wouldn't want to miss out - so come and join us.

Hammocks Up

Plenty of bookings are now coming in for 2015: there are eight weekends already fully booked-up. As ever, if you have your heart set on a specific date please do book soon before they all fill up - especially for the more popular weekends and for whole site bookings with groups of friends. And as ever, to ensure staying with us remains as pleasurable as ever, we aim to remain very small and private. Once we're full, we're full.

Cure Your Election Blues

If you're feeling a bit fed up with the election in Britain, you might need a cure! Well, at least we can offer a temporary escape ...

Join us on the 7th and 8th May for our two-day bowl carving course, and enjoy the peace and quiet of our woodland while you're here. Come for just the course, or stay with us too and really get away! If you are staying those nights (May 6th and 7th), we'll even supply two bottles of cider to enjoy in your hammock, to make the evenings all the more relaxed.

If you're away on election day but want to vote, do arrange a proxy or postal vote. But apart from that, being down in the woods with us means getting away from voting hysteria will be completely hassle-free.

Book is easy too! See the website for details:

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Courses For One

We've made life easier! We've changed how we're booking courses here in our Woodland Workshop, so that if you want to book a course on your own, you now can for our one, two and five day courses. Yes, it's that simple.

In practice, what that means is that if you want to book a place on a course and there's just you - that's now fine. You can choose any course that you fancy coming on, on any available day of the week. Other people can join a course, up to a maximum of four people per course.

Yes, that's right - we will run the course regardless of how many participants there are between one and four. The only exceptions are the two hour 'Have a go' courses, which require two people to start a new course on a new date.

This change has been prompted, not least, by guests who have gift certificates and we hope it just makes life more straight-forward for everyone. So, come along and try your hand at green woodworking - giving it a go has never been easier.

Courses for one

Weekend Spooning

The observant amongst you might have noticed that our courses are normally held on week days. Well, just for a change, we're going to be running a one day weekend spoon carving course on Saturday October 17th. We are trying this one weekend date so those that simply can't make it here during the week have an opportunity to come and learn the joys of hand carving an eating spoon, here in the Woodland Workshop with Adam. As always, once we're full-up we're full-up, so if that appeals to you do make your booking soon, whether you're coming just for the course or would like to stay Crafty Camping with us too. Booking is in the normal way:

Book Online 

Good Grief, 2016!

It being April it seems a little bit odd, even to us, but because there are requests for it, we've now released our bookings calendar for 2016. That's now live and online, so if you're keen on planning very well ahead, you now can!

And Don't Forget 2015 ...

And we're now open for bookings for New Years Eve as well, even though that seems a fair time away too. For the first time, we're open to single bookings as well. We have to admit, we're not sure what will be most popular, but it does mean that if you fancy come down for New Years as a group, then do book-up as early as you can! (Once a single booking's been made, you won't be able to book the whole place just for you and your friends.) We ask for just a 25% deposit on booking, with the balance eight weeks prior to arrival.

The Winner Is - You?

Our congratulations to Cat Smith, the winner of the last photo competition. Her picture of the woven willow shower at dusk, along with the caption she gave it, "The most amazing shower I have ever had", really worked for us too!

There's a new 'Competition' page on our website -


- where you can see the winner and some of our other favourites. Of course, thank you to everyone for taking the time to enter.

Competition winner

Talking of entering, now is the time for a new competition and for this year we are changing the format a bit. The prize is a £150 gift voucher that can be redeemed against either a course or staying with us Glamping. All you have to do is upload your picture(s) to our Facebook page, Twitter feed or to Trip Advisor - and that's all there is to it! Full details and links are on the 'Competition' page. Our last competition closed in October 2014, so if you have stayed since then and have a picture you would like to enter then please do so. The closing date for the new competition is Spring 2016 - you've nothing to lose and £150 to win!

Fresh Pressings

As well as a new 'Competition' page, we also have a nearly as new 'Press' section which includes a selection of press articles about the goings-on here in the woods. Two recent pieces that came out recently are:

Winter: the perfect time to go camping


Whittle through winter:


And that's about it for another newsletter. I'm writing this on a glorious, warm spring day - long may it continue. As always, thanks for reading - and I hope to see you in the coming months.

Guy and the team

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