2017 Bookings

We always like to make sure our newsletter readers are among the very first to know of any new developments, so this is to mention that we're now opening up bookings for 2017. As ever, if you have a specific date in mind for your luxury glamping break with us, do book up as soon as you can. The Woodman's Treehouse, particularly, is already proving very popular!


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Wedding Bells In The Trees

Talking of dates, it is always fantastic to get updates and feedback from all of our guests - we really appreciate it. Special mention must be made of Kieran and Lizzie who, we learned last month, were our first couple to get engaged in the Treehouse. Congratulations!

A Treehouse Engagement

Celebration Party

And talking of celebrations, with bookings coming in fast, we managed to keep The Woodman's Treehouse to ourselves for one night - for a party. We wanted to make a special effort to thank all of the amazing craftsmen, tradesmen, friends and family who helped make our dream become a reality. An evening of curry, cider and plenty of laughs was had by all and it was lovely to be able to show our huge appreciation for all the months of hard graft that went into making it happen. There was the added bonus that Boo and I finally slept in the Treehouse ourselves!

Celebration Party

Luxury On Show

To see just a little of what's gone in to building it, the Treehouse page on the website has been updated to include a short film by my son, Jasper.

The page also now has a extensive new photo gallery to show you around the finished accommodation - it really is luxury glamping at a whole new level.

The Woodman's Treehouse

An Amazing Space

Finally ... we can tell you! After five months of filming and having to keep quiet about it, we can at last make it public that we have been filming the entire building of the treehouse for Channel 4!

The Woodman's Treehouse episode is to be the first of the new series of George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, and it will be aired on Thursday, September 22nd at 8pm.

We had great fun filming it, with a fantastic crew. We've had no preview so now wait in anticipation to see how months of filming will be edited! We very much hope you'll enjoy it.

Guy filmed for Amazing Spaces Guy in the bath for Amazing Spaces

And I think that's all for now. With September upon us, it's now time to start planning our autumn projects and maintenance in the woods.

Guy and the team

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