Keeping Cool In The Woods

With this hot summer weather showing little sign of ending any time soon, the benefits of glamping in style in our woodland are even more attractive. Shade is lovely.

Here in the woods you can almost watch the ferns and grasses grow, helped on not only by the summer warmth but also the various streams and springs running through the camp and into our pond. A cool haven is what we all need, and a cool haven is exactly what it is.

A shady haven

Add in to the mix the seclusion and privacy we offer to all our guests, with all the accommodation coming with a private deck and BBQ area, and glamping with us offers the perfect opportunity to thoroughly enjoy lazing in dappled light. There are hammocks to relax in too.

There's some chilled local cider and fizz in the fridge in the communal yurt. The wood pizza oven makes for perfect summer weather meals and there are the refreshing 'tree showers' too. 'Idyllic' may not be over-stating it.


A Crafty Camping yurt Woodland coolness at Crafty Camping

How To Have An Excellent Holiday

When we talk to anyone about 'going glamping', what we’re really talking about is having an excellent holiday. To us, that's what glamping should mean – it's far more than a row of identikit bell tents pitched in a farmer's field.

Say it ourselves, although we were pioneers in glamping, even our first accommodation offered a great deal – and since then we’ve only improved what we offer. After seven years of evolution, our customer feedback was and still is a delight. A high proportion of our guests come back year-on-year, and a lot of our new guests come to us by recommendation. We like to think that says we’re doing something right.

Our web site gives full details about all our glamping spaces -

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- but the other day we were asked to summarise what makes us different from our competition. That proved a real challenge. After much reviewing, this is the short list of seven bullet points that our guests have focussed on repeatedly as the really key features (in no particular order):

There are no cars on site – guests leave their cars and their cares behind with the five minute walk from the car park.

Our glamping accommodation offers high quality peace and privacy amongst the trees – forest bathing is fine! Sauna-in-a-yurt is wonderful!

By providing proper flushing loos and piping-hot mains-water tree showers, electric blankets, heated towel rails, electricity for lights and phone charging, our guests enjoy the right balance of woodland seclusion and modern creature comforts.

All our accommodation is handmade, individual and comfortable and the site is well thought-out - with flat off-ground decks, mud-free paths, boardwalks and gentle lighting at night.

Our 'no noise' policy ensures all our guests can relax and regenerate in the woods, but by making wi-fi available, no-one needs to feel cut-off.

Because we are "for grown-ups only", glamping with us can be a properly peaceful experience.

Our (wholly optional) green woodworking courses are unique, fun, offer something for everyone and are open to all our guests.

With those seven things that guests focussed on the most, and with everything else glamping with us offers – well, what are you waiting for ...?


Handmade luxury at Crafty Camping

Jurassic Pleasures

Of course, our guests don't have to just stay in the woods. Whatever the weather, there’s a lot to explore and enjoy in and around the Crafty Camping site, not least ...the famous Jurassic Coast, part of the Dorset AONB.

The nearby Jurassic coast

Just a few miles away, this World Heritage site is easily accessible. You can get to the sea via the seaside towns of Lyme Regis and Bridport-West Bay or for a different experience trying fossil hunting at Charmouth. Alternatively, there’s a much quieter beach at Eype to enjoy, with no facilities at all.

For a change, a walk on the coast path from the award winning Anchor pub up to Golden Cap is always rewarding. Throw in the twice-weekly market in Bridport and its vintage quarter, and it’s easy to be as busy or as inactive as you fancy.

The nearby Jurassic coast, part of the Dorset AONB The Jurassic coast

A Two-Year-Old Treehouse

I find it hard to believe that it’s two years since we finished building the Woodsman’s Treehouse. I found this shot of us and the team of craftsmen, taken just a few days before our first guests arrived in July 2016. Everyone’s looking suitably exhausted. It was a massive project but well worth the effort by everyone involved.

The treehouse builders The treehouse builders

It has been fantastic to see that it has been booked every single night since it opened, and for a long way going forward too (including in 2020).

The treehouse was designed to improve with age as the mosses and ferns move in to the nooks and crannies on the oak and chestnut and the timber all mellows to a silver grey, and it certainly is living up to the plan!

Of course, we are starting to think about designing and building a second one down here in the woods. Watch this space for updates on the design proposals …

The treehouse

And I think that’s it for now. We’ll keep on improving and developing our Crafty Camping site while making sure the peaceful woodland remains a cool haven. Do come and stay with us and enjoy it too.

Guy and the team

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