Enjoy An Autumn Break

With an enjoyably dry and relatively mild spell forecast for the south of England at least, the next couple of weeks look like it will be a perfect opportunity for an Autumn break here in the woods. Come and join us!

Combine our peaceful adult-only woodland setting with the hand-crafted top quality glamping we provide, and you should feel properly rejuvenated after a stay here. At the time of writing we've some spaces in a variety of different accommodation at different price-points - yurts, bell tents and more. Click here -


- for up to date details and to book. (We have noticed that teachers in particular like coming to stay around this time: a child-free escape over half-term!)

Woodland peace Crafty Camping Rejuvenation at Crafty Camping

Winter Breaks

You can still holiday with us in winter! Rest assured, come November and through to spring we'll still be open. To make sure we can keep the site ship-shape, the yurts, tipi, bell tent and shepherd's hut are available for weekends-only over winter (with the treehouse available every day). A weekend break is often just what's needed to keep the spirits up until spring. Give yourself something to look forward to -

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The Winter Glamping Charm

If you'd never thought of a winter glamping break with us before now, I'd say try it! 'Tree bathing' in our woods is a very positive experience. Of course you might think I would say that ... but you don't have to believe just me.

We have many regular guests (our record is currently seven repeat stays) and the message I hear most consistently is that a stay with us is rejuvenating. I see it time and time again: if you combine our high quality glamping facilities with our unique, uncrowded, calm private woodland, guests feel a whole lot better as a result. It's a great thing to be able to offer.

Winter breaks glamping in woodland

Things To Make And Do

Many guests enjoy doing little more during a stay with us than sitting back, reading a book, enjoying the woods and perhaps chilling-out in the sauna. And that's fine by us. But we'd hate it if you think there's nothing much to do in this part of Dorset, and to that end we have reviewed and revised our suggestions for things to do, places to go and local restaurants and pubs.

We don't mind admitting we also blow our own trumpet: we have a variety of woodworking courses for all abilities here at Crafty Camping and over the years they've proved very popular with guests. Spoon-carving is especially popular.

Woodworking Courses

Woodwork courses at Crafty Camping

Whether you fancy woodworking or not, we are incredibly lucky to have the stunning Jurassic Coast just 10 miles down from the hills and the nearby area is a foodie heaven to explore. Our only word of caution is that many places are best booked in advance, so do check the details via our guide first. This is true in winter just as much as summer, as West Dorset is a popular destination all year round.

Things To Make And Do

West Dorset scenary

Something Sleek In The Pond

Recently, some guests reporting seeing something sleek swimming around the fishing pond. Then there were few sightings of what people thought was an otter. We weren't quite sure but had seen some half eaten rainbow trout around and about. Sheila finally managed to clear this up once and for all for us by capturing some video on her phone of what is certainly now our resident otter. I rather think that may be the last of our fishing activities in the pond but he/she is proving very popular with the guests (albeit less so with the fishermen and the resident heron).

Otter Cam (MP4 clip)

In The News

I was slightly surprised to be approached to feature in the new Mini car TV advert on C4, in connection with George Clarke's Amazing Spaces. The ad has been running in the evenings and, although I was a little out my comfort zone being 'interviewed' for it, I am very grateful to have what is in effect an advert for our treehouse regularly showing on prime-time TV and catchup on More4.

Click Here For The Advert On YouTube

TV adverts aside, we have been delighted to see the printed press coverage continue with a great colour spread in The Times and numerous online features on our little world in the woods. A couple of examples that we particularly noticed are:

Suitcase Magazine's "The best treehouse hotels in the world:

Suitcase Magazine

Visit Britain's "One of the 5 best places for a digital detox:"

Visit Britain

Looking Ahead

Well, I don't quite need to say 'spoiler alert', but last week we were filming a new TV series here, which will be airing in January. Full details will follow in the next newsletter, when we know the dates and are allowed to reveal what it's all about. As of now, what we can say is that it involved a group staying in the woods enjoying some autumn glamping along with a bit of wood-fired-oven pizza-making fun. More as soon as we're allowed!

Wood-fired pizzas at Crafty Camping

As always, we look forward to seeing you soon.

All the best

Guy and the team

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