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If (unlike me) you are super-organised on the seasonal front, then you'll already be looking for a truly unforgettable gift for a loved one this Christmas. And if you're looking for inspiration for what to buy, our gift vouchers for a luxury staycation with a difference may well be precisely the present to give.

Whether for a two night week-time stay or a weekend mini-break, we have vouchers for a range of budgets.

Pick from a luxury bell tent or one of our yurts, our tipi or our shepherds hut. And if you would like to really push the boat out, our Woodsman's Treehouse is a multi-architectural-award-winning treat! (It's been on on Grand Designs and Amazing Spaces for that very reason ...)

Vouchers for perfect presents

Vouchers for perfect presents

Vouchers for all variations are available on our website:

Gift Vouchers

(And, of course, you can always pamper yourself with a present too!)

Hum La La La!

If you have had enough of the news, politics and the election-related deluge ... If you feel the urge to stick your fingers in your ears and hum 'la la la' ... then there is no better place to retreat to than our luxury treehouse. There you can get well and truly away from it all and enjoy some peace and nature. And you'll be detoxing in a healthy and environmentally responsible woodland. We are proud to say that we have no TV and no wi-fi in the woods, and the relaxation that brings has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. (Although, yes, we are realists too: there is a very good and fast 4G signal if needs absolutely must from time to time.)

Treehouse vouchers for perfect presents

There is no better tonic to the current political atmosphere than being up amongst the branches in front of a crackling fire or relaxing in the hot tub; luxuriating in the sauna or zoning-out in a copper bath. And while it might be a winter's day, you can be happy in the knowledge that you don't have to give a second thought about the carbon footprint entailed in flying off on a mini break.

Whether you fancy getting away from it before or after the election, we still have a few slots available in the treehouse in December and a range of options for 2020.

For availability, prices and booking please see:

Woodman's Treehouse

(The luxury glamping spaces re-open in the spring.)

Craft Camping Bell Tent

And Talking Of Peace And Quiet

As our regular readers and visitors will already know, 2020 will see two new treehouses opening here in our woods. (There are no dates yet - this is for some time in the future.)

And in case you're wondering - we ensure guests are unaware of what's going on!

We learnt many lessons when we built the Woodsman’s treehouse three years ago and the benefit of that experience is paying off now. Not least, how to get the work done efficiently and quietly without disturbing anyone.

We are achieving this in a number of ways. Most notably, we are making everything off-site and assembling a kit of parts in the woods whenever possible. Naturally, some aspects of the build are inevitably noisy, but whenever that's the case we plan for it and close our accommodation.

On a day-to-day basis, we can manage our activities so that any banging or large deliveries are scheduled during our changeover periods/days, when there are no guests on site between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Once our new guests arrive we switch back to quiet mode!

I have worked on many building sites over the years but it's a first for me to be practising 'mindful building'. It's all very Zen but it's also a really pleasant way of doing things. You can be sure, we really do take peace and quiet seriously.

How To Build A Treehouse, Kindly

I have been enjoying getting stuck in 'on the tools' again. A treehouse is an interesting challenge and each one of ours is wholly unique.

The first job was to assemble a mock-up of the footprint of the treehouses for setting out and precisely positioning them amongst the ancient oaks and roots. This in turn enables us to locate suitable positions for foundation piles.

Treehouse Initial setting out

We are using screw piles again, as we did with the first treehouse. This ingenious system is very kind - it enables us to avoid damaging roots with steel 'screws'. These are slowly drilled into the ground, adding extensions until we hit solid ground and sufficient resistance. In some cases that was over 22 metres down - trust me, in parts this is a boggy woodland!

Screw pile drilling

The next major step in the coming weeks will be erecting the raised platforms. If you would like to keep an eye on the goings-on in the woods as we go, please do check our Instagram account for more frequent updates:

Crafty Camping on Instagram

An Electric Mule

I've been saying about peace and quiet here in the woods, and to further help the relaxed feeling we and our guests enjoy, a couple of weeks ago we took delivery of our electric mule.

Yes, an electric mule! I simply don't know how we ever did without it.

Woodland Pond

This fantastic bit of kit is totally silent yet enables us to move everything and anything around the woods without disturbing anyone. Obviously, this is vital for our stealth treehouse assembly, but it is also invaluable for day-to-day maintenance work such as changing gas bottles and taking the laundry and bins up to the car park for collection.

Add in to the mix the fact that it offers us a vastly reduced carbon footprint when compared to our beloved but long gone diesel Land Rover, and what's not to love?!

And I think that's all for now. I hope we see you soon, whether for an election/politics escape, the health benefits of being immersed in trees, a special celebration or for some good old fashioned luxurious romance.

Guy and the team

PS: For readers who don't want to think about Christmas for some time yet, rest assured our gift vouchers can be quickly, easily and securely purchased 24/7, 365 days of the year! Purchases late on Christmas Eve or early on Christmas day will work just fine! (And no, it wouldn't be the first time we've helped a forgetful guest ...)

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